Money worries affecting Britons' sleep

Britons are losing out on sleep as they continue to worry about the effects of the economic downturn, it has been revealed.

New research carried out by the Edinburgh Sleep Clinic on behalf of Travelodge found that the average Briton now sleeps for just six hours and 21 minutes a night.

This is around an hour less than the average recorded just two years ago, with this drop in sleep quantity found to be affecting people's professional and social lives.

Of those polled for the study, 54 per cent blamed a lack of sleep for their inability to concentrate on their jobs, with one in four admitting to taking small naps on their employer's time.

The report also found money worries to be the leading cause of sleep deprivation, with work-related stress not far behind.

Advising of the need to 'top up' on sleep when possible, Stevie Williams, from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "Having sleepless nights on a long-term basis can be very detrimental to your health and it will affect your productivity and overall wellbeing."


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Money worries affecting Britons' sleep
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