The Miami thong lift helps women achieve a more rounded figure

A new cosmetic surgery procedure, known as the Miami thong lift has been presented to surgeons in London.

The new surgical technique uses grafts of fat taken from the thighs or stomach, which are then purified and injected with a large needle into the layers of muscle in the buttocks changing their shape from flat, to curvy and pert.

With a host of beautiful celebrities such as J-Lo and Beyonce sporting curvy bums, it seems that more women are seeking a curvier derriere to achieve a celebrity style bottom.

Previously, the standard way was to use silicone implants or a filler called Macrolane to achieve a natural looking fuller bottom.

Some surgeons have expressed concern, noting that fat transfer is never predictable and if the fat dies and is re-absorbed back into the body unevenly, patients may end up with one buttock bigger than the other.

For those worrying about their looks The Hospital Group, one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons, offer an array of body-enhancing treatments such as breast enlargement and tummy tucks, as well as non-invasive procedures including BOTOX™, fillers and cosmetic dentistry.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Changing the way you look can often improve a whole person’s outlook on life giving them greater confidence and higher self esteem but it is important that people put time and research into looking for the right cosmetic procedure for them.

“The Hospital Group offer a number of cosmetic surgery procedures to help women shape up and get body confident.

Liposuction and sculpture will help tone the stomach, as well as getting rid of unwanted love handles, while breast augmentation can help to create that hourglass figure.

“The Hospital group provide expert advice and treatments to ensure that patients get the look they are after.”


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The Miami thong lift helps women achieve a more rounded figure
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