Men face longer recovery time after cosmetic surgery

Men who undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance often have a longer recovery time that women, experts have said.

According to Douglas McGeorge, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), women can use make-up to cover up any temporary scarring or bruising, but men in general do not go down this route.

"There are some operations where men end up paying a 'higher price', and by that I mean that the recovery period is more prolonged for men," he claimed.

"Their scars are more visible for longer because we don't, as men, use make-up to disguise the scars."

Mr McGeorge, who is a consultant plastic surgeon, said that men should be counselled prior to undergoing surgery so that they understand they will have pink scars during the recovery period.

"If it does bother them, then they're not candidates for surgery," he advised.

"However, most people at the end of the day - if properly counselled - will accept the limitations that being a man presents and will carry on and have their operation."

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Men face longer recovery time after cosmetic surgery
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