Medical Tourism Association has launched

It is an association made up of the top international hospitals, insurers, educational institutions, other affiliated companies and industries for the common purpose of increasing the awareness and utilization of overseas hospitals for medical care.  

The Mission Statement

  • To further the utilization of affiliated hospitals and facilities for use by insurance carriers, and individuals throughout the United States.
  • To control the growth of the industry, standards, and credentials.
  • To protect the reputation of Medical Tourism from disreputable hospitals and others who may not have the same level of quality healthcare and standards.
  • To be one voice for purposes of dealing with the Government.
  • To create a flow of information between hospital members in order to provide information on fraud, or any other important issues that may arise affecting medical tourism.
  • To provide a single source of information on medical tourism, outcomes of surgeries, and to create a comprehensive web portal for people to learn about medical tourism and the affiliated hospitals.
  • To provide specific “US Based Criteria” for hospitals to meet, promote our hospital members, and to provide the Criteria to the public.
  • To promote an electronic means of communication so international hospitals can communicate with US insurance companies or hospitals.
  • To seek out future affiliated industries and technologies that will allow the affiliated hospital to operate more efficiently in the US and to expand upon the number of customers.

The Medical Tourism  Association / Medical Travel Authority is committed to promoting overseas surgical options as alternatives to domestic care in the United States. To further these goals the Medical Tourism will compile and provide  to  the American public outcomes of surgeries at international member hospitals as well as create minimum standards  for member hospitals, which will allow Americans to make informed choices over which international hospital they would go to for surgery based upon that hospitals Quality and positive outcomes of surgeries.

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Medical Tourism Association has launched
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