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Top Channel 4 doctor has hair transplant

The Hospital Group

Health and body expert Doctor Christen Jessen has boosted his own self esteem by investing in a hair transplant.


The star of the popular Channel 4 show, Embarrassing Bodies, has opted to thicken the front of his thinning mop of blonde locks using the increasingly favored technique.


Christian, 33, spent £4,000 having hair taken from the back of his scalp where it’s thick and implanted onto his receding hairline.


Christian confessed to the News of the World: “Having talked to patients who had hair transplants on Embarrassing Bodies, I decided the time was right to get it done. I’m delighted with the results”.


Men in the United Kingdom seeking hair restoration can easily achieve a look like Dr Christian.


The Hospital Group, one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons, perform more hair restoration procedures than any other surgery provider, and only carry out natural hair transplants using the latest Follicular Hair Transplantation techniques.


Follicular Transplantation involves transplanting hair units, often with four or five hairs growing from one follicle, to a bald spot to generate growth.


Human hairs are genetically programmed to either be sensitive to the male hormone, which causing them to die, or to be permanently immune to the hormone and last a lifetime. Hair Transplantation uses the ‘lifetime growth’ hairs from around the back of the head, and transplants them in areas where the hairs have died.


Hair or Follicular Transplantation at The Hospital Group is a minor surgical procedure, taking little more than three hours.


Hair loss treatment news : 12 May 2010