Macrolane 'perfect' for natural breast enhancement

A leading cosmetic surgeon has extolled the benefits of Macrolane, a revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic treatment that allows women to enhance their breasts without going under the knife.

Egon Eder, a surgeon with UK cosmetic surgery provider Surgicare, specialises in pioneering new procedures such as Macrolane and the medic is impressed by the results.

He claimed: "Macrolane is perfect for women who want to enhance the natural shape of their breasts. Perhaps they have lost volume after child birth or weight loss or they want to correct uneven breast size.

"Macrolane involves an injectable treatment, similar to a dermal filler, and is carried out under a local anaesthetic."

According to Mr Eder, one of the main advantages of using Macrolane rather than a surgical breast enlargement is that you see the results instantly. The treatment also leaves no scarring.

The results generally last between 12 and 18 months, but Mr Eder suggests that patients have a yearly top-up treatment to maintain the best effect.

Mark Bury, chief executive of Surgicare, revealed that the company is constantly looking for new treatments.

He added: "This year seems to be the year breast surgery has taken yet another step."

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Macrolane 'perfect' for natural breast enhancement
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