London Medical offers Botox® alternative

London Medical has announced it is offering a non-invasive treatment which provides a long term solution to the ageing process.

Named the Aluma treatment, the minimal risk procedure usually takes 15 minutes and is performed under the guidance of recognised consultant dermatologists at London Medical.

Using radio frequency technology, Aluma treats "unwanted wrinkles and loose skin around the face and neck areas" by stimulating the lower layers of skin to produce more collagen.

The treatment is a popular alternative to surgery because it involves no incisions and yet can offer more long term effects than other options such as Botox®.

It produces "firmer and more youthful" looking skin by smoothing and plumping the underlying layers of the skin and is used to correct skin lax and works directly with the skin.

Alternative anti-ageing treatments, including Botox®, involve injections into the facial muscles which control the wrinkle prone areas of the face.


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London Medical offers Botox® alternative
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