London clinic launches eye surgery for cone-shaped corneas

An independent eye surgery clinic in London has launched two new treatments for a common condition called keratoconus, in which the corneas become progressively stretched and develop a cone-like bulge.

Patients at Harley Street clinic Advance VisionCare can now benefit from a treatment called cross-linking, in which a solution of riboflavin is administered to the eye before UV-A light is applied, causing new bonds to form in the middle or 'stromal' layer of the cornea.

These new bonds help to prevent the stromal layer from becoming too thin, thereby preserving the cornea's mechanical strength.

The treatment, which is carried out by surgeon CT Pillai, helps to reduce the need for invasive eye surgery such as corneal transplants.

Mr Pillai, who is the clinic's head consultant refractive surgeon, described the treatment as an "innovative new solution to a very common eye condition".

"The introduction of our new cross-linking service means that another eyesight condition is now treatable with all the convenience of laser surgery - which has revolutionised the way we correct eyesight," he remarked.

As well as performing laser eye surgery, Advance VisionCare also offers conductive keratoplasty treatment for deteriorating near vision, implantable contact lenses and cataract surgery.

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London clinic launches eye surgery for cone-shaped corneas
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