Liver cancer sufferer tells of staff support

One woman receiving cancer treatment for liver cancer has admitted she feels lucky to be alive despite the condition, which often leaves friends and colleagues feeling uneasy.

Due to the growth of the cancer it appears that Tanya Mullins, 35, from Cardiff, is heavily pregnant and as such many people often stop to pat her stomach.

But, despite being given just five years to live Tanya is now in her ninth year following her diagnosis, and has nothing but praise for the staff who have treated her.

"In some ways cancer takes away your confidence, especially when you have chemotherapy and your hair falls out, but on the other hand it's really built up my confidence.

"If someone told me ten years ago that I would be able to deal with all this, I wouldn't have believed them. But I do cope with it and that makes me feel stronger and more confident."

Liver cancer affects the largest and perhaps the busiest organ in the body, and is dangerous because if any of the liver's four main responsibilities are affected it could be fatal.

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Liver cancer sufferer tells of staff support
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