Liposuction demand expected to rise

The number of people undergoing liposuction is likely to rise as the procedure becomes less invasive and more effective, an expert has claimed.

The assertion centres around a new procedure that is carried out with lasers, enabling fat to be absorbed into the body rather than sucked out.

Felicity Quigley, editor of Looking Good BuyAssociation, said that the procedure seems "a lot less gory and a lot less frightening" than traditional liposuction and is likely to be popular among consumers.

The expert claimed that, as procedures become less invasive, they are likely to become more common.

She said: "If it's non-invasive and it's effective, then certainly I think it's going to become as common as botox or even having your eyebrows done.

"It's going to become a procedure that people are not going to have a problem with having."

Ms Quigley noted that liposuction tends to work best for people who have already tried to lose weight through diet and exercise, but who still have "pockets of fat" that they are unable to shift.


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Liposuction demand expected to rise
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