Liposculpting overtakes liposuction

More patients are choosing to have lipsculpture as an alternative to lipsuction, a medical director has said.

Lipsculpture, a more refined and less extensive version of liposuction, has become slightly more popular than the original treatment, Mario Russo, medical director at The Hospital Group has said.

Mr Russo said: "The market and business and demands of the patients are moving very much towards localised [liposuction] now and therefore the main requests are more for minor areas and more for sculpting one or a few areas at a time."

He added that people with fat localised in specific areas were more likely to benefit from liposculpture alone; while he advised people who are generally overweight to combine liposuction with "weight loss diets and other treatments in order to get satisfactory results".

Breast enlargements are going to be the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment in the following years, according to Mr Russo.

His statements echo a survey from plastic surgery group MYA, which found that breast enlargements were the most popular procedure in 2010 so far.

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Liposculpting overtakes liposuction
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