Lifestyle choices 'can cut cancer risk'

An expert has insisted changing the way we live can reduce the chances of developing cancer, after a report claimed British women are at a higher risk from the disease than those elsewhere in Europe.

Dr Ian Lewis - associate director of research at Welsh cancer charity Tenovus - explained that public awareness of some cancer-causing factors is still relatively poor despite some high-profile campaigns in recent years.

"There is still a common misconception that in all cases developing cancer is purely down to chance," he commented. "As many as half of all cancers could be prevented if we made healthier lifestyle choices."

Among the suggestions put forward by Dr Lewis were taking physical exercise on a regular basis, cutting down on alcohol intake and eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.

Yesterday (August 1st), a study published by the World Cancer Research Fund found women from the UK are 17 per cent more likely than their European counterparts to contract some form of cancer by the age of 75.

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Lifestyle choices 'can cut cancer risk'
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