Legacy of recession depression continues

Higher levels of depression have been recorded since the onset of the recession in the UK.

Mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression were seen in around 47 per cent of people following the economic downturn.

According to poverty charity Elizabeth Finn Care and Roehampton University, this is four-to-five times higher than levels recorded before the economic downturn.

Emma Mamo, senior policy and campaigns officer for Mind, commented: "Anyone who has lost their job or has been made redundant knows that it can have a strong knock on effect on your mental wellbeing – it's estimated that one in seven men will develop depression as a direct result of losing their jobs."

The survey did show higher levels of depression among those who had lost their jobs, with 71 per cent experiencing depressive symptoms.

Young people were also at a higher risk of mental health problems, which, according to the charity, is unsurprising due to the "disproportionate" affect which the recession had on the younger generations.

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Legacy of recession depression continues
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