Launch of Medical Tourism Association

The long awaited Medical Tourism Association (MTA) has had a soft launch with a dual working title of Medical Tourism Association and Medical Travel Authority. There will be little publicity until the MTA has sufficient worldwide members and information ready for a major consumer launch.

Although those behind the launch of the new US based organisation would have preferred Medical Travel Association, they pragmatically accept that as the press and books on the subject use the more emotive tourism name, that is what they will use for a while. The Florida based MTA openly admits it has a US focus, and is only concerned with where Americans and Canadians go.

The MTA is an association made up of the top international hospitals, insurers, agencies, educational institutions, and other affiliated companies for the common purpose of increasing the awareness and utilization of overseas hospitals for medical care.   The membership may be trade, but the real target market is the US consumer. Much of what the average US customer reads is by authors and agencies that have a vested interest in promoting their services, and with little objectivity. The MTA seeks to provide objectivity and professionalism.

The MTA manifesto includes:

  • To further the utilization of affiliated hospitals and facilities for use by insurance carriers, and individuals throughout the United States.                         
  • To control the growth of the industry, standards, and credentials.
  • To protect the reputation of medical tourism from disreputable hospitals and others who may not have the same level of quality healthcare and standards.
  • To be one voice for purposes of dealing with the Government.
  • To provide a single source of information on medical tourism, , and to create a  comprehensive web portal for people to learn about medical tourism and the affiliated hospitals.
  • To provide specific US Based Criteria for hospitals to meet and promote to the public.

The MTA wants member organizations from all around the world to work together to make it easier for people who live in the United States to obtain quality medical treatment at affordable prices overseas.

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Launch of Medical Tourism Association
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