Latest USA plastic surgery trends

The latest survey from ASAPS, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, gives an insight into the current trends in cosmetic surgery in the USA.

Top procedures for women in 2010 were:

1.       Breast augmentation

2.       Liposuction

3.       Breast reduction

4.       Abdominplasty

5.       Blepharoplasty

Top cosmetic surgeries for men in 2010 were:

1.       Liposuction

2.       Rhinoplasty

3.       Blepharoplasty

4.       Gynaecomastia

5.       Otoplasty

However, looking at the long term trends and comparing procecures in 2010 to 1997, the statistics show that the fastest growth is in body and breast reshaping surgery:

1.       Upper arm lift +642%

2.       Thigh lift +431%

3.       Breast uplift  +511%

4.       Lower body lift  +330%

5.       Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)  +326%

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group, UK leaders in cosmetic surgery, said: “Like the USA, we are also seeing strong growth in enauiries for thigh lift, arm lift and tummy tuck. 

“Certainly with regard to body lift, thigh lift and arm lift procedures, these were previously not very well known and so there was relatively little demand for them.  However, as patients become aware of more of the full range of cosmetic surgery options, they realise what results can be achieved. 

“While breast enlargement is still the most popular procedure and we expect it to remain so for some time to come; we are definitely seeing growth in the less well-known areas. 

“Programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies have been very helpful in educating the public as to the applications of cosmetic surgery.  The Hospital Group featured in Spring this year as our Surgeon carried out an arm lift on a patient who had excess loose skin after losing 13 stone through diet and exercise.  Enquiries for arm lift surgery have increased following this feature.” 

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Latest USA plastic surgery trends
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