Laser heat 'reason for rejuvenation'

The heat generated by lasers has been identified as the reason behind the effectiveness of lasers as a cosmetic treatment.

A study from PhD student Susanne Dams found that the influence of heat shocks of around 45 degrees Celsius stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.

It is this collagen protein that gives the skin its firmness and elasticity, Medical News Today revealed.

By altering her test methods, Ms Dams was able to isolate the effects of the laser's heat, proving that heat rather than light from the device is responsible for changes to the skin.

The research, which formed part of Ms Dams' degree from the Biomedical Engineering Department at TU/e, is one of the first projects to look into the effect of the heat which a laser introduces into the skin.

She concluded: "A laser allows treatment with great precision, because it can specifically heat specific elements in the skin while leaving the rest unharmed. This allows the optimal effect to be achieved." 

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Laser heat 'reason for rejuvenation'
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