Lady Gaga’s diet boosts sales of baby food

With the latest warm spell and a bank holiday weekend behind us, thoughts are turning to the summer holidays – the start of the bikini season.  

The appeal of a quick-fix diet is ever strong and there has been a strong resurgence of interest in the baby food diet this week, since it was revealed that Lady Gaga is the latest fan of  has used it to keep her tiny figure.  In fact, since this news, Ocado has reported a dramatic increase in sales of baby food jars, with Heinz porridge baby food jars doubling. 

This is not the first time the baby food diet has hit the headlines.  It was originally created by Tracy Anderson, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer. It has also been linked to Jennifer Aniston who is widely reported to have lost 7 pounds in a week by eating 14 pots a day plus a meal of fish and veg.  Cheryl Cole is said to have used the diet in preparation for her appearances on American X Factor and Reece Witherspoon is also said to have tried it to boost her weight loss.

However, the diet is very controversial and has received extensive criticism from nutritionists and dietitians, who say:

  • it’s unrealistic
  • it cannot be maintained and leads to snacking
  • it does not deliver enough nutrients like calcium for adults
  • eating 14 times a day is impractical
  • causes constipation

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group, UK leaders in weight loss surgery, commented “It is an appealing idea, but in reality the baby food diet is really impractical and tends to be very short term.  It is not very nutritionally sound and if low in protein and over-blended, it can be quite unsatisfying, so dieters tend to lapse quite quickly.  Patients who are overweight and are looking for a short term weight loss plan may consider the gastric balloon.  This achieves weight loss of 2-3 stone over a 6 month period by filling up the patient’s stomach so that they have less appetite.  With our experts’ guidance, patients reduce portion sizes and learn to make healthy food choices, so that they lose weight sensibly and safely without compromising on important nutrients.  After the balloon is removed, the learning and healthy habits can be continued so that the weight stays off. The gastric balloon suits patients who have some weight to lose, but are not classified suitable for the gastric band.  It is a non-surgical procedure which is carried out as a day case and does not require general anaesthetic.”The Hospital Group offers the gastric balloon, as well as the gastric band, bypass and sleeve. The Company are UK leaders in weight loss surgery and treat thousands of patients each year.  Appointments are available around the UK – an opportunity to confidentially discuss your weight and learn more about the options. 



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Lady Gaga’s diet boosts sales of baby food
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