Lack of tooth brushing poses oral risk

Many Britons are putting their dental health at risk by not bothering to brush their teeth twice a day, new research shows.

A study commissioned by Denplan found that only 61 per cent of people brush their teeth twice a day, with many not realising it is necessary or simply not being bothered.

The poll also found that 72 per cent of people do not brush their teeth for the recommended minimum two minutes, and 37 per cent did not realise that sugar was the main cause of tooth decay.

According to Steve Gates, managing director at Denplan, the findings support research from Citizen's Advice, which found that millions of adults are unable to find an NHS dentist.

He said: "We do believe that much of this unawareness of oral hygiene is symptomatic of the fact that people increasingly have less access to dentists. Dentists provide vital aftercare advice and help to educate patients on how to avoid serious problems."

Mr Gates revealed that 34 per cent of patients who visit a private dentist do so because they were unable to find an NHS one.

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Lack of tooth brushing poses oral risk
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