Karma supports Government plans to outlaw age discrimination

News that the Government is to bring forward legislation to outlaw all forms of age discrimination as part of a package of measures in the new Equalities Bill has been welcomed by Karma Insurance.

Karma provides cover for senior citizens up to any age and includes a range of pre-existing medical conditions without medical screening, at a fraction of the cost of other insurers.

The company has long been campaigning for discriminatory practices to be abolished and only last month reported that ageism is rife in the travel insurance sector after sourcing quotes for a 65 and 66 year-old couple taking a two-week holiday in Spain.

The difference between the lowest and highest internet-based quote (Karma £25.03 and Lloyds TSB £208.70) was £183.67- £63.69 more than a couple’s basic weekly state pension of £145.01.

Brian Wright, managing director of Karma Insurance, supports Government plans to outlaw age discrimination, “I am delighted the Government recognises that the majority of insurers do not meet the needs of elderly travellers. Our research reveals just how wide age discrimination is. Over a third will not cover those aged 65 plus and around 70% refuse to cover the over 75s. Those who do provide cover are quoting extortionate premiums. How can the difference between our premium of £25.03 and the most expensive at £208.70 be justified? And this price gap gets wider with age. Senior citizens have had the short straw for too long. There are age-friendly insurers with jargon-free websites offering superior products at competitive prices. Karma keeps costs down by providing online cover only – specifically supporting ‘silver surfers’ who are recognised as the UK’s fastest growing age-group of internet users.” 

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Karma supports Government plans to outlaw age discrimination
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