Junk food not seen as a treat, poll shows

A new poll has shown that more than two thirds of British kids do not see junk food as a treat.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) found that 67 per cent of children do not consider eating fast food as a rare event, reports the Press Association.

In addition, 82 per cent of seven to 14-year-olds did not regard crisps as a treat, while over half saw sweets as a regular snack.

With more children regularly eating fast food as well as snacks such as sweets and crisps, the idea that junk food is a rare indulgence is less and less common.

The poll comes at a time when more and more children are being classified as overweight with many even having to seek obesity treatment.

Two thirds of parents are now concerned that junk food and drink advertising is influencing their children.

Consequently, BHF's poll is released as the charity launches a campaign calling on the government to impose a ban on marketing junk food over the internet.

The BBC reports that the most recent survey of the nation's nutrition suggests less-refined sugars make up 16 per cent of an average child's diet - a lot more than is recommended.


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Junk food not seen as a treat, poll shows
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