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Men are bigger whingers when ill than women

engage mutual
A new survey supports the myth that men complain more about aches and pains than women. The results show that while women are more likely to complain about minor ailments on a daily basis, men feel the most sorry for themselves when they are actually ill. And while men are less likely to suffer from real illnesses – five bouts a year compared to seven for women - when they do get poorly, they tend to seek maximum amounts of sympathy.


The engage Mutual survey of 3,000 people shows one in two men exaggerate their symptoms of illness – a common cold becomes flu and a headache turns into a full blown migraine. According to their partners, more than one in two men become attention seeking when ill, with two out of three constantly moaning and groaning. When it comes to taking time off, men are the real martyrs, with three out of four choosing to take their symptoms to work, rather than recover at home.


Karl Elliott of engage Mutual says, "Men have had a bad press concerning their tendencies towards man flu, but our findings support the belief that men do moan more and are more likely to exaggerate their symptoms. They may have fewer bouts of genuine sickness a year, but when ill their attention seeking behaviour makes sure their partner knows about it. But even though men look for maximum sympathy, they tend to struggle on, being less likely to take time off work for an illness. Minor ailments aside, it is important for men to recognise and act on any genuine health concerns. Whether taking professional advice, or seeking suitable remedies and treatments to aid recovery, it is important to address any issues in order to maintain good levels of health.”

Health cash plans: News update: 23 June 2010