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Myth or miracle? A drug that will halve body fat in weeks

Healthier Weight

Recent news reports that a ‘miracle’ drug, which will halve body fat in just a few weeks, is irresponsible journalism, according to a leading weight loss expert.


Commenting on a newspaper article published earlier this week, Dr David Ashton, Medical Director of Healthier Weight said: "A scientifically innocent individual reading this article would be entitled to believe that a ‘miracle’ drug, which will halve body fat in just a few weeks, is almost with us.


"Firstly, the study was not carried out in humans, it was done in mice. As any reasonably rational person might conclude, making claims about what might work in humans on the basis of what worked in rodents is always risky. This is especially true when it concerns a condition as complex as obesity. Most drugs in development which look promising in rodents, never even get to clinical studies in humans. It is certainly true that the current findings are of considerable interest, but we are years away from having real evidence that such a drug will work in humans. It may – and it equally may not. 


"It’s also worth remembering that the entire landscape of obesity treatment over the last two decades is littered with the corpses of failed “wonder drugs”, each one of which was - or so we were told - going to revolutionize the treatment of obesity overnight. The latest of these was Rimonobant (Acomplia) which was widely promoted as a landmark in the treatment of obesity, but was later withdrawn because it was found to produce suicidal tendencies in some patients."

Obesity treatment news : 17/07/2009