Jason Gardiner’s secret hair transplant

Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner put an end to Philip Schofield’s cheeky hints by finally revealing his hair transplant live on the final show.

His hair transplant story was dramatically revealed in the News of the World the day of the final show in a double page exclusive article featuring the first photos of Jason with his new hair.

Jason Gardiner resented the effects of male pattern baldness. He tried a “stick-on-wig” a couple of years ago, but it only made him even more depressed. “I had a hair rug which is someone else’s hair which they fuse to your head.  It’s barbaric.”  Jason suffered pain and a nasty reaction before finally removing the hair piece and shaving his head.

“After shaving off my hair for the first time I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror for 6 months”  he said.  “I had hair envy.”

Jason researched the surgical options and after meeting with The Hospital Group in their London offices, opted to have a hair transplant with Beverly Hills based hair transplant surgeon Dr Craig Ziering.

Jason describes the process of his follicular unit hair transplant “You have your recipient sites on top where you’re bald.  And then you have your hairy donor site where they cut a strip out the back of the head.”  During the painstaking transplant process, 3,501 individual grafts were dissected from the “donor strip” and carefully transplanted to the top of Jason’s head.  “Afterwards I had no bruising.  In ten days you wouldn’t have known I had anything except a small scar at the back of my head”.

The transplant took place last summer, but to avoid premature criticism, Jason kept it under his hat.  After transplantation, the hair is dormant for a few months before growing again.  It will then grow normally for life.  Jason explained “You don’t see any growth for between six and seven months.  My new hair only started coming through in January.  But eventually – and it is almost overnight – you can actually feel it growing”.

Jason shocked the Dancing on Ice crowd with his unveiling after Laura Hamilton’s dance, saying: “Laura I have to say I take my hat off to you – incredible!” as he removed his hat with a flourish.

He told his 60,000 Twitter followers: “I will have a second one in order to get back all the hair I lost. The medical technology these days is just remarkable!  It is quite miraculous what they can do these days. Dr Ziering is a genius! x Thank you I’m very happy with the results.”

Jason’s hair transplant was performed by Dr Craig Ziering in Beverly Hills.  Dr Ziering is a world-leading authority on hair loss and hair transplantation.  He is one of the 5 surgeons credited with the invention of the modern follicular unit transplant and has performed over 15,000 procedures. 

Dr Ziering is Medical Director of The Hospital Group in the UK, which offers hair transplants in the UK and free consultations across the country.


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Jason Gardiner’s secret hair transplant
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