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News : January 2009

Private Healthcare UK keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments in private treatment in the UK.

  • Tummy tuck is most popular cosmetic surgery The Harley medical Group - manPeople are not being deterred from having cosmetic surgery by the economic climate, the Harley Medical Group has said.
  • Finding and financing long-term care in hard times Counsel and Care logoCounsel and Care, a national charity getting the best care and support for older people, has published the 'Finding and financing care in hard times' report that discusses the top five issues of 2600...
  • Dementia care homes are different elderly couple long term careThe insurance industry needs to step up and provide products to help people pay for their care in old age, the shadow minister for health says.
  • People with dementia 'abused' by family members Elderly lady in care homeMore than half of carers who look after a relative with dementia have been abusive towards them, highlighting the benefits of looking for a specialist dementia care home.
  • Cosmetic surgery for men The Harley medical Group - manA significant chunk of cosmetic surgery patients at the Harley Medical Group are now men, new figures show.
  • Cosmetic procedures with low recovery times Harley Medical Group - cosmetic womanCosmetic surgery patients are increasingly opting for procedures that require little recovery time due to fears that they may annoy their employers, it has been claimed.
  • Businesses offer 'botox leave' to employees Harley Medical Group - cosmetic womanSome companies are becoming so fed up with workers calling in sick in order to sneak off for non-surgical cosmetic treatments that they are introducing specific 'botox leave', it has been claimed.
  • Blood vessel control may fight obesity Obese manScientists believe that two drugs which have already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may provide new forms of obesity treatment. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have...
  • Birkdale Clinic sees rise in cosmetic surgery demand Birkdale Clinic - facialsOne of the UK's leading private cosmetic surgery specialists has witnessed a rise in demand despite the credit crunch. Bookings for consultations at the Birkdale Clinic in January and February 2009...
  • Angelina Jolie's lips inspire cosmetic surgery Angelina Jolie's lips inspire cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery experts are concerned by women who want to go under the knife in a bid to look like their favourite celebrity. According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, a survey by the British...
  • Calorie info on menus could fight obesity Fatty food link to ovarian cancerThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) wants to see nutrition information on menus to improve people's diets and reduce the number of people in need of obesity treatment.
  • Record numbers seek cosmetic surgery Transform cosmetic logoCosmetic surgeons have noticed a significant rise in the number of people booking appointments to go under the knife, reports suggest.
  • Sperm test could improve success of infertility treatment Sperm fertilising eggScientists at the University of Edinburgh have developed a new technique for testing the quality of a sperm prior to its use in infertility treatment.
  • Sperm donors needed in the UK Sperm fertilising eggMore sperm donors are needed in the south of England to allow experts to continue to provide infertility treatment to couples who are unable to conceive.
  • Sexual health tests for festive period One in ten girls have sexual infectionPeople who got carried away over the festive period are being reminded of the need to take care of their sexual health. According to the STI Clinic website, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can...
  • Scotland plans to regulate private ambulances Inside a private AmbulancePrivate ambulance providers in Scotland are to be regulated by the Care Commission, according to the Herald. In a letter to Scottish National Party MSP Sandra White, public health minister Shona...
  • Repeat prescription for oral contraception oral contraception may lower cancer riskOne in four women between the ages of 18 and 24 have had unprotected sex because they were unable to get a repeat prescription for their oral contraception, a survey shows.
  • Acupuncture may reduce wrinkles Acupuncture may reduce wrinkles Acupuncture may provide an alternative to cosmetic surgery for treating wrinkles and sagging skin, according to the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine. According to Dr Silvia Bretschneider, a...
  • Reasons for hip replacement failure Hip replacement surgeryResearch conducted by a team of scientists led by Dr Kevin Bozic, assistant professor of orthopaedics at the University of California, San Francisco, has shed light on why total hip replacement...
  • Private dentistry in Wales set for tighter regulation Private dentistsPrivate dentists in Wales will be subject to new regulations in the new year to ensure they provide safe, high quality services. Dentists will be required to register with the Healthcare Inspectorate...
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