Invention 'will assist with cancer screening'

A new invention will help make cancer screening faster and less invasive, it has been suggested.

Professor Zhipeng Wu has developed the scanner based on radio frequency technology.

The device is able to determine the presence of tumours in a second - much faster than the few minutes usually allowed for such images.

In addition, the device's portability could allow it to be used in GP surgeries, its developers suggested.

This could reduce waiting times and in some cases remove the need for unnecessary X-ray mammography.

Professor Wu commented: "The real-time imaging minimises the chance of missing a breast tumour during scanning.

"Other systems also need to use a liquid or gel as a matching substance, such as in an ultrasound, to work but with our system you don't need that – it can be done simply in oil, milk, water or even with a bra on." 

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Invention 'will assist with cancer screening'
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