Innovative plastic surgery procedure proves a success

An innovative plastic surgery procedure has been announced as a success by Dr Andrew Elkwood.
Using a nerve graft transplant, Dr Elkwood has effectively treated posterior pressure ulcers, a leading cause of death among paraplegics.

Patient Tory Cavalieri underwent the procedure last January and has since regained sensation and been left free of the pressure sores which left him bedridden for years.

Dr Elkwood commented: "The success of this procedure can prove to be life-changing for tens of thousands of people worldwide whose lives are subjugated by acute posterior sores."

The two-hour procedure saw the surgeon remove 12 inches of functioning sural nerve from the patient's leg, before attaching a nerve from the rib area to the sciatic in the leg.

Mr Cavalieri became paralysed following a motorcycle accident in 2004.

It is hoped that the procedure will improve his quality of life along with that of many other wheelchair-bound people.

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Innovative plastic surgery procedure proves a success
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