Indian knee replacement

A British patient who travelled to India for a knee replacement has spoken of her relief following the successful operation.

The real estate manager from Luton, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that she made a last-minute decision to travel to India, actually checking out of a London hospital in order to obtain treatment abroad instead.

Three months later, she claims that her pain has been significantly reduced and that specialists confirm the operation has been a success.

"Today I was seen by the hospital orthopaedic specialist to assess my medication for the arthritis," she revealed.

"He is more than happy with the mobility of the knee being more than 90 degree movement."

The patient's GP has also been pleased with the outcome of the operation and confirmed that the scar has healed well.

"He says he does not believe I could have had anything better in the UK and most certainly the risk of infection is so much greater here.

"Many (UK) patients are returning to hospital and having the knee opened up again because infection had set in," the patient explained.

India is renowned for its excellent standard of healthcare and knee replacement operations cost around a third of the average price paid in the UK.


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Indian knee replacement
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