Increased risk of gambling addiction from betting shops

Rehabilitation treatments could be needed by people who find themselves addicted to the new style of gambling shops.

According to Professor Gerda Reith of Glasgow University, the changes in gambling over the years are altering the way in which people approach it.

"Today's attractive, comfortable premises are a world apart from [the original legalised stores]," she explained. 

"In particular, their touch-screen Fixed Odds Betting Terminals that allow players to bet on the outcome of various games and events are encouraging new types of customers and new styles of play."

While gambling itself is not dangerous, the way in which people deal with it can result in harm, the professor remarked.

Since this new style of gambling with machines appears take gamblers' money away with "enormous speed", rehabilitation could be in greater demand.

The type of people who are heading to gambling shops is also changing, with young males from ethnic minority groups replacing the traditional older, working-class males.


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Increased risk of gambling addiction from betting shops
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