Implants could correct long and short-sightedness

Scientists hope that bionic implants could help to restore sight in people who are long or short-sighted within the next five years.

Professor James Wolffsohn, an optometrist at Aston University in Birmingham, told the British Association's Festival of Science that the lenses would remove the need for people to use contact lenses or glasses for good.

In addition, the eye surgery would prevent people from developing cataracts in old age, the Daily Mail reports.

The professor revealed: "Everyone over 45 would benefit because it means they will be able to see distance and near absolutely naturally.

"It is the true definition of a bionic eye. You are replacing something that has aged in the eye with a technological structure."

The extra-flexible lenses are likely to cost less than £2,000 a pair and would be particularly beneficial for people with clouded lenses and those who require reading glasses in middle age.

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Implants could correct long and short-sightedness
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