Hot April spells misery for hyperhidrosis sufferers

April 2011 looks set to be the hottest April on record. According to the Met Office, Temperatures on Easter Saturday, 23rd April, reached a massive 27.8° in Wisley, Surrey; much higher than the usual 13.3° which should normally be expected at this time of year. Crowds flocked to the beaches to catch some early sun.

Although the forecast is for a cooler few days, April is still likely to be the warmest on record.  

Concerns for hyperhidrosis sufferers

However, this blast of heat so early in the year has been worrying news for those suffering from hyperhidrosis, the condition of excessive sweating.

Sweating is a natural function to control body temperature, but for some people excessive sweating – or hyperhidrosis – can cause significant embarrassment, with large “wet patches” under the armpits being the most common sign.

Although the condition comes about when the sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary responses such as sweating and blushing, fails to regulate sweating; external heat certainly doesn’t help the situation. Sufferers describe how limiting it can be for clothing choices and social situations.

Although more commonly associated with wrinkle-reduction, BOTOX® injections into the affected area offer a highly effective treatment for the condition of hyperhidrosis. The BOTOX® prevents the stimulation of overactive sweat glands so that the condition literally “dries up”. The non-surgical procedure takes only half an hour. The injections can be painful at the time, but the patient will see a dramatic improvement almost immediately and improvements for the next few days. The relief from excessive sweating lasts for around six months, at which point BOTOX® can be topped up.

The Hospital Group, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery providers, provides BOTOX® injections for excessive sweating as well as other non-surgical treatments in well-appointed clinics throughout the UK.

A spokesperson commented: “At The Hospital Group, enquiries for non-surgical treatments have increased by 51% so far this year, with more men and women seeking treatments.  

We are seeing enquiries for a variety of treatment options.  

BOTOX remains very popular primarily for wrinkle relaxing. However, its application in treating excessive sweating is becoming better known and we receive a number of enquiries for the treatment from both women and men.

The treatment has been featured several times on Embarrassing Bodies with great results for the sufferers concerned.”

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Hot April spells misery for hyperhidrosis sufferers
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