HIV Life Assurance Survey 2011

Unusual Risks have the results of their HIV life assurance survey 2011. After contacting all major life insurers, they report that 50% are now offering some form of HIV life cover

Even though half have now entered the market Unusual Risks believes that the needs of HIV positive people are not being met

Of the six that offer HIV life assurance only three are actually offering pre-sales quotations. This means that many people living with HIV are still being asked to complete applications, submit to medicals and blood tests before any indication of cost is offered. This is much the same situation as 12 months ago and Unusual Risks believes this to be non-competitive and unfair on applicants.

Chris Morgan of Unusual Risks says, “Some insurers are more proactive than others in attracting this type of business with service standards and treatment of applicants varying by a massive margin. Some companies are taking 26 weeks to process an application, where others are taking only 8 weeks. The main reason for this difference is that some applicants are being sent for unnecessary medicals and blood tests, which increases the processing time significantly. We are constantly encouraging these insurance companies to improve their treatment of HIV positive people.”

During their survey Unusual Risks discovered that Zurich, Prudential, Scottish Provident, Bright Grey, Liverpool Victoria and Aviva are now offering HIV life assurance.

Prudential took an average of 26 weeks to complete an application, where others are taking 8 weeks. On average it takes around 5 weeks to complete an application for someone who is not HIV positive.


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HIV Life Assurance Survey 2011
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