HIV advances 'increase life expectancy'

Advances in HIV treatment mean the condition should no longer be viewed as a "death sentence".

This is the opinion of Laura Craggs, programme and information officer at Avert.

She reassured people who have been recently diagnosed as HIV positive that treatment in the UK is now significantly more effective than in the past.

More still needs to be done to educate people – younger individuals in particular – to prevent the spread of the disease and also to ensure infected people can receive treatment at the early stages of the virus's development, she added.

Ms Craggs's comments came after a study published in the British Medical Journal stated earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment had increased the life expectancy of an HIV person by 15 years compared to what it was in 1996.

The research found that HIV has become a chronic disease but one with a good prognosis if patients are treated effectively. 


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HIV advances 'increase life expectancy'
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