Hip replacement demand higher than for knee surgery

The need for hip replacement surgery appears to exceed that for knee replacements, according to a new study by scientists in Spain.

Researchers at the Hospital de Galdakao surveyed more than 7,500 adults between the ages of 60 and 90, all of whom were assessed to see whether they had symptoms of knee or hip arthritis.

They found that seven per cent of the study participants had hip osteoarthritis and 12 per cent had knee osteoarthritis, with both conditions being more common in women.

Those patients who showed symptoms of arthritis were then examined to see whether they might benefit from a hip or knee replacement.

Publishing their findings in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers revealed that, although osteoarthritis was more common in the knee than the hip, joint replacement was more likely to be an appropriate form of treatment in hip patients than knee patients.

A hip replacement in a UK private hospital typically costs between £7,000 and £9,000.


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Hip replacement demand higher than for knee surgery
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