Hip operations help mum achieve baby dream

Despite being in terrible pain Elisa Jones put off the hip operations she desperately needed when doctors warned it could mean she would not be able to have the second child she longed for.

But, two hip replacements and one baby later, Elisa hugs her second son Alastair and is full of praise for the Nottinghamshire surgeon who convinced her ‘nothing was impossible’.

Andrew Manktelow, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at BMI The Park Hospital in Arnold, Nottingham, told Elisa that, despite warnings from other doctors, he thought hip replacements would improve her chances of having a baby as she would be in much better health all round.

“I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for Mr Manktelow I would never have been able to have Alistair - he’s our miracle baby,” said Elisa from her home in Ruddington, Notts, which she shares with her husband Andy and five-year-old son Rowan.

Elisa first started having trouble with her hips when she was an otherwise very fit and healthy 20-year-old studying at Swansea University. X-rays showed she had ‘shallow hips’ and, at the age of 22, she underwent an operation to ‘build up’ the joint of her right hip.

In 2009 she heard about the work being done by Andrew Manktelow and decided to pay him a visit at BMI The Park Hospital.

"Mr Manktelow told me that my condition had deteriorated so much that I needed both hips replaced. However, he told me that the hip replacements would not mean that I couldn’t have another child, in fact it might improve my chances as I would be in much better health" said Elisa.

Elisa had her first hip replaced in June 2009 and then received a shock when she went back to the hospital for a check-up and was told by Mr Manktelow that he intended to replace her other hip in November.

“We were very nervous but we put our trust in him and I was walking without crutches by the New Year,” said Elisa. But better news was to come. By July she discovered she was pregnant and in April this year she gave birth to Alistair.

Mr Manktelow, who last year was named as one of the country’s top hip surgeons in a national newspaper survey, was delighted by Elisa’s recovery and said it gave a clear message to other young people that they don’t have to suffer in silence if they have problems with their hips.

“The average age for a hip operation is 66-years-old and only 12 per cent of all hip operations are carried out on people under the age of 54. But there are new technologies, and different procedures that mean that surgery can be performed successfully in younger people – the youngest person I have ever given a hip replacement was just 13-years-old,” he said.

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Hip operations help mum achieve baby dream
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