High GI 'could increase heart disease risk'

Diet may play an additional role in women's health following the results of a recent study.

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the report found that women who ate carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index (GI), could be increasing their risk of coronary heart disease.

However, the same risks were not found among men in the study.

A registered dietician at the British Dietetic Association Nigel Denby admitted that the link between high GI foods and heart disease is "not exactly clear".

However, he did explain that lower GI foods are widely beneficial for health.

"We all should be choosing lower GI foods. Lower glycaemic foods are a healthy option, but they are just one part of the healthy eating jigsaw," said Mr Denby.

The British Heart Foundation suggests that one of the best dietary methods of reducing the risk of heart disease is to cut down on saturated fats.

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High GI 'could increase heart disease risk'
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