Herbal teas more damaging to teeth than orange juice

Whilst most people know that fizzy drinks and red wine can damage teeth, new research has revealed that there are several other, rather unusual things that can ruin a Hollywood smile.

Researchers discovered that drinking fruit flavoured herbal teas on a regular basis can be three times more damaging than drinking orange juice which is high in acidity. In actual fact, fruit teas are far more acidic and eat away at the enamel of teeth leaving them vulnerable to bacteria.

And whilst red wine may stain teeth, it’s white wine which can do more damage to pearly whites. Containing high levels of acid, the drink may not cause discolouration but it can weaken the structure of the tooth and cause damage to gnashers.

The study also showed that the chlorine in swimming pools can harm teeth. Scientists analysed 500 swimmers and discovered that a shocking 66 per cent had damaged their teeth by exposing them to chlorine which is high in acid.

For those worried about the appearance of their teeth The Hospital Group offer a range of treatments to help people achieve a winning smile including pain freeveneers, Invasilign braces andteeth whitening.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Many people don’t realise there are high levels of acid in most foods and this can seriously weaken teeth leaving you with a damaged smile.

“As teeth are the first thing that people see when they look at you, many people can feel self conscious about their smile and often live their lives trying to hide it. At The Hospital Group we help patients to achieve the smile they are after using state-if-the-art facilities and procedures.

“Improving your teeth and getting a Hollywood smile through teeth whitening, braces or veneers can dramatically improve confidence and help people to live a much fuller life.”

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Herbal teas more damaging to teeth than orange juice
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