Help for gum disease sufferers

A new treatment claims to end gum disease for sufferers in just five hours using a gentle gum stretching technique.

BOST- Bone one session treatment- lasts four to five hours and involves pushing back the gums to reach the root of the tooth.

Gum disease, the primary cause of tooth loss, affects up to 50 per cent of the population with often irreversible consequences.

Early signs of infection are swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath and sensitivity. Known as gingivitis, if caught early the condition is easily treated with professional cleaning.  But in serious cases, the gums and underlying ligaments can become infected. This condition, periodontitis, may result in the teeth moving out of alignment. It can attack without symptoms and, despite careful oral hygiene, erode the bone supporting teeth and cause gums to recede.

Patients who undergo BOST treatment then have to maintain their teeth with a special kit which helps to prevent reinfection. The treatment claims to offer a solution for those with advanced infection, though BOST”s pioneer Dr Micholt says some problems can be so severe that extraction is the only option.

Those seeking a set of pearly whites, should come for a consultation with The Hospital Group.

The specialist cosmetic dentistry clinics at The Hospital Group offer teeth whitening, veneers and nusmile braces, amongst other specialist treatments, which can put an end to teeth woes.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group, said: “Dental hygiene is as important as looking after every other aspect of your health.

“The Hospital Group has clinics up and down the country, with highly trained specialist cosmetic dentists who can talk to you and consult on the best course of treatment.

“With Nusmile veneers, crowns and dental implants amongst some of the treatments on offer at The Hospital Group, people can achieve the smile they’ve always wanted safe in the knowledge they are in good hands.

“A dental consultation at The Hospital Group can put an end to years of worry and help people feel more confident about their appearance.”

The Hospital Group offer a range of dental treatments at specialist clinics located throughout the UK.

The NuSmile dentistry treatment centres at The Hospital Group perform 100’s of procedures a year, including teeth whitening, pain-free veneers that require no drilling of your natural teeth, invisible braces, white fillings and porcelain crowns.


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Help for gum disease sufferers
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