Heart health 'could be boosted by alcohol'

Consuming small amounts of alcohol could improve heart health, it has been suggested.

A recently study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that moderate levels of alcohol intake could be associated with a reduced chance of developing heart disease.

Conversely, the report revealed that those who drank a lot of alcohol or none at all were more at risk of developing characteristics associated with heart disease.

June Davison, cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, commented on the report: "This French study adds to previous research which suggests that a small amount of alcohol drunk regularly can offer some protection against coronary heart disease."

However, the nurse reminded people that drinking more than "sensible amounts" would not have a beneficial affect and also carried the risk of increasing blood pressure as well as the risk of developing some cancers.

"If you don't drink already there is no reason to start now as there are much healthier ways to look after your heart", urged Ms Davison.


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Heart health 'could be boosted by alcohol'
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