Healthy diet 'can lower dementia risk'

Maintaining a healthy diet can help to reduce the chances of developing dementia.

This is the view of Alison Cranage, spokeswoman for Alzheimer's Research UK.

Ms Cranage said: "Some research has suggested that a diet low in fat, with lots of fruit and vegetables and including some oily fish can help lower our risk.

"A healthy diet together with regular exercise is the best way to help decrease our risk."

She added that there is also a risk that people who already have dementia and forget to eat and become dehydrated.

As such, it is important to ensure that they hydrated and that they eat well, Ms Cranage advised.

The comments follow research from the journal Age and Ageing, which found that alcohol intake can affect the chance of developing the mental health problem.

Indeed, light-to-moderate alcohol consumption was shown to be inversely related to incident dementia among individuals aged 75 and above.



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Healthy diet 'can lower dementia risk'
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