Healthier Weight’s new gastric balloon service

Weight loss specialists, Healthier Weight, recently launched a new gastric balloon weight management system and are delighted to announce that patients are finding the plan is producing remarkable results. The service provides a workable weight loss plan for people who do not want to have surgery but are serious about losing weight.  

Medical Director of Healthier Weight, Dr David Ashton explained, “It’s not a diet, it’s not surgery and it’s not a pill, it is an effective, non-surgical programme for weight loss, with proven results, that offers people an opportunity to kick start a serious weight loss programme”.

The gastric balloon management system consists of a soft, expandable balloon that is inserted into the stomach by a simple non-invasive endoscopic procedure. Once in place the balloon is filled with sterile water creating a feeling of fullness within the patient, enabling them to stick to a healthy diet. The procedure is a non-surgical, temporary intervention, removed after 6 months and is medically proven to give better results than just dieting alone.

Weight loss, with a gastric balloon, is achieved through a logical, easy to follow plan.  Once inserted the balloon creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach after eating smaller amounts therefore meaning portion sizes can be reduced at every meal leading to fewer calories being consumed on a daily basis.

The gastric balloon insertion and removal procedure costs £3,950. Patients can expect to have significant weight loss during the 6 months the balloon is in place. A European study* of 2,515 patients resulted in average weight loss of 20kg (44lbs) per person over 6 months.

Healthier Weight, who have centres in Edgbaston in Birmingham, The Princess Grace Hospital in London and Spire Hospital in Manchester, designed the new gastric balloon weight loss management system specifically for people who have tried various diets and weight loss plans without success and who need more than a diet to achieve their desired weight loss results. The gastric balloon provides a viable option for those who want an effective weight loss plan without having to undergo surgery.

To help maximise long-term weight loss when the balloon is removed Healthier Weight have developed a Habit Changing Action Plan. The medically researched plan offers support and counselling from dedicated Health Educators combined with advice on nutrition and physical activity. The structured programme, backed up with patient support groups, helps change eating and lifestyle habits to maximise weight loss results. The aftercare and support you receive through behavioural change is crucial to your success. The skills and confidence you will learn as you follow the Healthier Weight Habit Changing Action Plan will prevent you from reverting to old habits and will be the difference between long term success or failure.

“The insertion of a Healthier Weight balloon is a great starting point when embarking on a weight loss programme”, commented Dr Ashton. “Long term weight loss is achievable if people change their lifestyle habits, the Healthier Weight Habit Changing Action Plan helps to make this possible.”

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Healthier Weight’s new gastric balloon service
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