Healthcare in the Lebanon: pay extra attention

Lebanon is in many ways a big draw for expats but the country is still occasionally embroiled in conflict, making everyday life occasionally unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. For those expats living in Lebanon, and particularly Beirut, it is essential that they have adequate medical cover, not only for everyday health concerns, but just in case they are caught in the fall-out of conflict.

The country currently has 6000 UK expatriates working across a range of sectors from commerce through to charitable work. Lebanon is home to many who work in post conflict and reconstruction activities.

Health insurance policies that include limited cover against terrorist attacks are available, but with conflicts not solely confined to war zones, effective cover that reflects this new global reality is now even more important.

Passive war cover is likely to be of particular interest to staff in aid agencies and rebuilding contractors. Policyholders benefit from the full range of services, including hospital benefits and evacuation, in the event of injury by terrorists or as part of a broader war conflict. Evacuation is particularly relevant in conflict zones, where local medical facilities may be damaged or supplies of medication and blood for transfusions may be an issue.

The Foreign and Commonwealth says it is essential that comprehensive medical insurance is taken out. Quite apart from the risks posed by political conflict, day-to-day hazards also pose significant risk. An example is driving standards, which are widely acknowledged as being poor, so the accident rate is very high.

Private international healthcare insurer MediCare International counts Lebanon as one of its top ten insurance destinations for expats and specialises in passive war insurance cover to ensure clients are fully protected.

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Healthcare in the Lebanon: pay extra attention
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