Health insurance for working in war and reconstruction zones

Foreign contractors, particularly UK nationals, are to be found in large numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan. They face danger as they go about their working lives, as the battle is not restricted to professional soldiers, and ordinary civilians working in war zones can easily get caught in the crossfire. Usually, contractors working in war zones are aware of the dangers that accompany their jobs, and it is for this reason that it is extremely advisable for individuals to take out health insurance that includes passive war zone cover if they plan to be in this situation.

MediCare International offer policies that cover both individuals and groups of employees in countries where the risk of being caught in the crossfire is ever present. Should someone be involved in a serious accident, their insurance policy will enable the individual to receive the best possible care, which could involve any kind of treatment from evacuation through to emergency surgery and in the longer term even the use of prosthetic limbs and plastic surgery.

Many healthcare insurers do not offer passive war cover as part of their healthcare policies, as the majority have a full war risk exclusion, with the result that procedures such as the use of artificial limbs and plastic surgery would not be available to a claimant.

MediCare International cover includes rehabilitation cover for injuries suffered in a war zone, including terrorist attack. Passive war cover can really makes a difference to those expatriates living and working in world hotspots. It is likely to be of particular interest to aid agencies and rebuilding contractors working in the Gulf area, especially in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and parts of Africa. Policyholders will benefit from the full range of MediCare International services, including rehabilitation, hospital benefits and evacuation, in the event of injury by terrorists, or as part of a broader war conflict.

David Pryor of MediCare International comments, "As a contractor or voluntary worker, preparing yourself for the reality of entering such areas is a must, as the type of medical care which will be needed is quite different from standard healthcare practice. For those companies involved in reconstruction and aid, attracting the necessary highly-skilled specialists can be helped if they know they can at least have full medical cover."

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Health insurance for working in war and reconstruction zones
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