Harley Medical Group spots new cosmetic surgery trends

Surgeons at cosmetic surgery company the Harley Medical Group have witnessed a rise in demand for procedures since 2007 and have reportedly spotted a number of new trends.

According to surgeons, many patients are using liposuction to treat specific problem areas, including bingo wings, deposits of fat on the back along the bra line, 'thigh boxing' - where the inner thighs rub together - and fatty deposits above the knees.

Dr Fratti commented: "Traditionally Liposuction was used mainly on the stomach and outer thigh area.

"Increasingly patients are requesting the procedure for other areas such as the under arms and above the knee, which in part explains the increase in demand."

Despite the credit crunch, the Harley Medical Group has seen no sign of demand slowing. In fact, over the last 12 months demand for tummy tucks has increased by 59 per cent; breast surgery by 40 per cent; botox by 51 per cent; and dermal fillers by 40 per cent.

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Harley Medical Group spots new cosmetic surgery trends
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