Harley Medical Group reports 'wrinklerexia' cases

One of the UK's leading private cosmetic surgery companies has revealed that some patients are so obsessed with their appearance that it has been forced to turn some away.

According to the Harley Medical Group, it has advised some patients to have smaller doses of botox and some have even been turned away because they simply did not need the non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

Dr Nick Milojevic, a botox doctor at the Harley Medical Group, said that the treatment can be effective and is hard to notice when used correctly.

"Botox has a fantastic preventative benefit, helping to prevent more wrinkles from forming whilst stopping lines and creases already present from deepening," he revealed.

However, the group's director, Liz Dale, explained that patients should not have more botox than necessary.

She revealed that while botox can provide tighter and more youthful-looking skin, the group's trained doctors are all advised to look out for patients with a botox 'habit' so that they can advise them accordingly.


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Harley Medical Group reports 'wrinklerexia' cases
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