Half of adults face knee arthritis risk

Nearly one in two people (46 per cent) will develop knee osteoarthritis during their lifetime, new research suggests.

A study in Arthritis Care & Research journal suggests that obese people are particularly at risk from the debilitating condition, which often results in people opting to undergo knee replacement surgery.

According to the researchers, 65 per cent of obese people will develop knee osteoarthritis over their lifetime, while those with a prior knee injury face a lifetime risk of 57 per cent.

Dr Janet Collins, director of the National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, commented: "This groundbreaking research reaffirms the importance and take action to prevent the problems that knee osteoarthritis can cause and to reduce its occurrence."

Dr Patience White, chief public health officer of the US Arthritis Foundation noted that people can take action to help themselves, such as by controlling their weight and remaining active.

She added: "These actions will limit the impact of arthritis for both individuals and society as a whole."


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Half of adults face knee arthritis risk
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