Gym memberships 'waste of money for many'

Many Britons are wasting money on gym memberships they pay for but never use.

This is according to recent research conducted by OnePoll for

The survey revealed that a collective £37 million is wasted every year by people who forget to cancel gym memberships or do not make use of ones they have already paid for.

One in 20 people questioned admitted that they have wasted as much as £500 in one year on health and fitness memberships that they never used.

However, the average amount wasted was £303 per person on memberships, with a further £158 spent on clothing or sports equipment that people only used a couple of times.

Darren Fell of online accountants, commented: "Although officially being out of the recession, things are still extremely difficult for many Britons so it's crucial to save money by not buying things we don't really need or want."


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Gym memberships 'waste of money for many'
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