Green light laser prostate treatment

It was a visit to hospital for treatment to an eye condition that convinced 67-year-old Birmingham businessman Robin Whitehouse he had a problem in a totally different part of his body.

After the hospital visit Robin was asked to give a urine sample as part of a routine set of tests before he was allowed home and, in his own words, he “just couldn’t come up with the goods!”

He was suffering from an enlarged prostate that was blocking his bladder and preventing him passing urine properly.

It was something that had affected him for almost 12 years but, like the vast majority of men over 50 who suffer from similar symptoms, Robin chose to ignore it.

Now, after an operation using cutting-edge technology Robin, who founded the international fasteners company Heads and All Threads, is urging other men in a similar situation to “get yourselves checked out.”

“I knew that something was wrong,” he explained. “But, like many men of my age, I just ignored the symptoms.

“Once I had been diagnosed and operated on I was out and about the following day wondering what all the fuss was about – I should have had it done years ago.”

The operation was carried out at BMI Priory by Consultant Urologist Mr Zaki Almallah who performed Green Light Laser surgery on Robin, who was covered by private medical insurance.

An alternative to the usual way or treating such problems, the Green Light Laser is minimally invasive and means patients can usually go home after a one night stay in hospital or, in some cases, the very same day. Mr Almallah explained: “The green colour of the laser is rapidly absorbed by the red pigment found in blood and the rapid absorption of this green light causes the prostate tissue to vaporise and so it is possible to remove obstructing tissue to allow easier passage of urine.

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Green light laser prostate treatment
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