Good advice – the starting point for good cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is definitely on the rise, with many men and women choosing to go under the knife to improve some perceived problem on their faces, body or breasts. However, although it is more commonplace, any form of elective surgery must be very carefully considered.

Good advice from a knowledgeable expert is essential to making an informed decision as to what’s right for you, but how do you ensure that you are getting the right advice, and what makes a good consultation?

Mr Renato Zacheddu, Cosmetic Surgeon at The Hospital Group, has years of experience specialising in aesthetic cosmetic surgery.  He performs literally hundreds of procedures each year, including breast enlargement, rhinoplasty and liposuction.

He advises: “The ultimate responsibility for the decision for a patient to have any form of cosmetic surgery must be shared between the Surgeon and the Patient themselves.  The Surgeon needs to fully understand the Patient’s requirements – including the areas they would like to improve, their reasons and their expectations from surgery.  Equally, the patient must be armed with all the relevant information on which to make their personal decision.

A full consultation is the essential starting point and this is a 2-way process.  The Surgeon should assess the Patient’s requirements fully in order to provide realistic advice on the likely outcome and benefits of surgery, together with the risks and recovery implications.  This enables both parties to make an informed decision as to whether to move forward.

If a Patient requests something inappropriate or unachievable, the Surgeon should either decline to operate or else may be able to advise on other more suitable procedures.”


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Good advice – the starting point for good cosmetic surgery
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