Giving babies caffeine may result in sleep disorders as an adult

Babies who are given caffeine could be in danger of suffering from sleep disorders sleep disorders and breathing problems when they are older, says a new report.

Research, led by Gaspard Montandon of the University of Toronto, was carried out on rats and it was found that those who had been given caffeine as a baby had different sleeping patterns.

They slept for less time, had fragmented non-REM sleep and their breathing was higher than normal when they were resting.

In his review of the report, James Duffin claimed that these findings "raise concerns about the long-term consequences of neonatal caffeine administration on brain development and behaviour".

The authors believe that the use of caffeine during the development of the respiratory system can have long-lasting effects and they pointed out that sleep abnormalities can be an indicator of poor health.

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Giving babies caffeine may result in sleep disorders as an adult
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