Get ready for National Smile Month

Previously known as National Smile Week, the campaign is now entering its 35th year and has been extended so that it now runs for a whole month. This year it starts on 15th May. 

National Smile Week works to promote dental health in 3 key ways:

  • Awareness of the importance of dental care for your smile, teeth and general health
  • Regular dental checkups – these should be twice a year or as recommended by your dentist
  • Daily oral health-care routine

A key feature of this year’s campaign is the “2 minute twice a day” challenge, promoting a sensible daily brushing routine. Good brushing will help to keep your teeth healthy, vital to a nice smile and fresh breath. It has also been connected as a positive in the fight against diabetes, heart disease and strokes. 

Research carried out by the BDA has shown that on average, people only brush for about 45 seconds, which can only skim across all the teeth, not get between the gaps and around the gum line where plaque and debris can gather.

In addition, research has shown that one third of people in Britain brush their teeth once a day or less. Again, this neglect of good dental care will have an impact on the health and look of the teeth.

The Hospital Group specialise in cosmetic dentistry in the UK, with state-of-the art technology in well-equipped centres.

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group said “We have seen a 12% increase in patients requesting cosmetic dentistry treatment compared to the start of 2010.  

Many of our patients are seeking cosmetic work for a better smile after years of neglect. We see a great number of patients who have not seen a dentist regularly and have not brushed regularly and now want treatment to achieve a healthy white smile.  

That’s why at The Hospital Group we work with experienced Cosmetic Dentists who will put you at ease and look at all your oral health issues. While our top treatments are teethveneers, professional teeth whitening and invisible braces, we offer the full range of dental treatments required to ensure that good dental health is restored. This is an essential foundation to the long-term results of cosmetic dentistry.  

After treatment, our patients’ dental health habits can change quite radically. Their are motivated to brush twice a day and visit the dentist regularly in order to maintain their new healthy white smiles for life”.

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Get ready for National Smile Month
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